Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To say something or not to say something

I hope everyone had a terrific Tuesday.

I am in a bit of conundrum. My creative non-fiction professor, who is very prominent at my college being that one of his books was chosen for Oprah's book club and he got to go on her show, had us move our class outside. I'm all about being outdoors and discussing the meaning of words (it's quite Dead Poets Society actually). What I don't like is that our classroom session has become a chance for all the smokers in my class, there are a lot of them too, to smoke their cigarettes.

I hate cigarettes. Neither of my parents ever smoked so I'm not familiar with the nauseating smell. I also simply don't get it. Kids my age know it's bad for them. They went through D.A.R.E yet they still choose to poison themselves. It's sad considering how many people get sick with diseases they couldn't prevent. 

So we're sitting in a small circle and everyone around me, including the Professor who favors cigars, is lighting up. It's not just one cigarette either. I don't think it's fair that I'm forced to pollute my lungs, which are asthmatic (not to go all superdork), because I have class. Class shouldn't be for inhaling secondhand smoke and come on, people, can't you wait until after class for your nicotine fix? 

Maybe I'm being particular. Maybe. Still bothers me though. I can feel my face getting heated just as I'm typing this haha. 

Heading to bed to cool down. 

Sleep well all of you all out there ;)


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  1. Personally I agree wholeheartedly and am enraged for you. Seems with all the research about second hand smoke the school would not allow that to take place without full support from the class. Have you tried to speak to the professor. Be honest, love outdoors but dont want/need have health condition flareups.