Monday, September 20, 2010

A Successful it possible?

Hello to all of you all out there.

My title suggests sarcasm like a successful Monday is an impossible feat but I'm living proof of the possibility. I had a splendid morning from the moment I got up to right now.

5:30 a.m. - I wake up for my gym alarm not groggily but happily. My cat, see above photo, immediately greets me and begins licking my face (She's a crazy combination of cat, dog, and spider monkey). I get to the gym, have an intense but energizing workout.

9:00 a.m.- I get in five minutes ahead of time to my internship at a local business newspaper. I do well on my Associated Press style quiz, am offered the opportunity to finally start editing actual articles, and I am already started on my next assignment.

2:00- I usually hate my contemporary American poetry class. I like the poetry and I can respect the teacher but it's a total snooze fest. If I am not doodling my name in random shapes, I am counting sheep. Today was a successful day. My notebook only contains notes on Phillip Levine, Anne Sexton, and Adrienne Rich and I actually enjoyed class!

3:30- I got an early start on an upcoming paper and the words are flowing smoother than water.

5:00- My 2 hr and 45 minute writing for mass media class went by fast!

8:00- With a delicious bowl of spaghetti with parmesan cheese, I watched an addictive episode of 90210. I am sad to admit that my guilty pleasure is teen soaps. I am even sadder to admit I own the complete series of Dawson's Creek and The O.C. I am even sadder to admit that I reference The O.C. once a day and still continue to compare every guy to Seth Cohen.

Now I am writing on here, listening to some O.A.R. That my friends, is a successful Monday.

I hope your Mondays were successful too :)

Sweet dreams!


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